About Erin

What inspired you to start your business?

I started the firm because there was a need for legal counsel for small businesses and nonprofits.  There’s been a historical disconnect that makes the process of seeking legal advice scary or intimidating that should not exist and acts as a barrier for certain small businesses and nonprofits.  Canvas Legal is not intended to be “your father’s law firm”; it’s intended to provide innovative and accessible legal services to clients who are just that – innovative and accessible.


What are some struggles you faced when trying to achieve your goals?

As a business owner, you wear so many different hats each day and are often pulled in different directions.  Learning to be flexible, learning to prioritize and keeping the mission of the business in mind when evaluating opportunities is key – The struggle is REAL!


What is one of your most notable triumphs?

Without question, opening Canvas Legal! Like my clients, I know what it means to take the leap of faith, leaving a steady job, the confines of the corporate world in order to pursue a dream.  Although scary and stressful at times, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients who continue to inspire and surprise me. I would not give that up for anything!


What is one piece of advice you would give to those who want to be entrepreneurs?

It takes a village to run your own business. So, as an entrepreneur, it’s hugely important to surround yourself with supportive and experienced individuals who bring enthusiasm to your project, share their own experiences, and offer encouragement when you need it most. Detroit has a supportive network of entrepreneurs who are each doing fantastic things and are open to collaboration or even just listening.  We should all hold onto and value that community that exists here!


Where do you envision your business and Detroit in 10 years?

I envision Canvas Legal continuing to work with amazing clients in southeast Michigan, while watching each of those clients grow and succeed, as Canvas Legal does too. I believe that the positive momentum in Detroit will continue and my hope is that the City does not lose its character, the true grit and what makes Detroit different than Chicago or New York.  I think a lot of people forget that there were countless existing businesses in the City that maintained their operations during the economic downturn. I would love to see additional support for those existing businesses that have weathered the times, while continuing to welcome new businesses, with the overall increase in revenue being used to ensure that infrastructure and community improvements are possible and made.


Finish this sentence:  Detroit needs…?

To continue to come together as a model of historic strength, success and resurgence.


Favorite Place In The City?

Too many to list….Do I have to limit it to one? Cliff Bell’s, Union Street, Katoi, Belle Isle, Eastern Market, Grandmont Rosedale, the list could go on and on….

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